A Truly Helpful Gift For Grads

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Put together a First Aid Kit for soon-to-be college students!


You may not think it’s the most exciting gift to give, but it’s a gift they will keep and use for years to come. Packing a first aid kit for a high school graduate shows that you really care about their health as they become more independent.

Start with a plastic storage container and fill it with:

•a box of adhesive bandages like Band-Aid or Nexcare

•small and large sterile gauze pads

•roll of gauze

•roll of medical adhesive tape

•elastic bandage such as ACE

•sterile cotton balls and cotton swabs

•non-latex gloves

•instant cold packs

•safety pins

•suction device (nasal aspirator)

•finger splint

•medicine spoon marked with dosage measurements



•safety scissors

•hand sanitizer wipes

•antiseptic wipes

•antibiotic ointment


•hydrocortisone cream

•aloe or calamine lotion

•first aid manual

•acetaminophen or ibuprofen medicine

•antihistamine and decongestant

•anti-diarrhea medicine


We guarantee that college student will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and think of you every time they get a splinter or a stomachache. You will be their hero!

TIP – buy two of everything and assemble another first aid kit for the trunk of your car!

If you have questions about what belongs in your first aid kit, call Alzein Pediatrics at 708-424-7600. We are here to help your family!

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