COVID-19 Antibody Testing Now Available at Alzein!

Doctor holding serological COVID-19 test

Why should your child and you get tested?

Alzein Pediatrics is pleased to now offer COVID-19 Antibody Testing at all three of our locations; Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, and our Oak Lawn Urgent Care. We will administer antibody testing to our patients and their adult caretakers. This is a simple blood test and we’ll have results for you in 15 minutes while you wait in your exam room. We know that diagnostic testing, antibody testing, and the vaccine can be confusing, so we’re here to answer your questions.


What’s the difference between a “COVID test” and a “COVID antibody test”?
Generally, when a COVID test is discussed, it refers to the nasal swab test that detects active infections and confirms that you can infect other people. A COVID antibody test is a blood test that determines if there were any past infections that are now resolved – you are no longer infectious but did have COVID-19 in the past.


Do you or anyone you know need a COVID-19 diagnostic test? Click here!


Why would my child or I get an antibody test?
Many people who have recovered from asymptomatic COVID19 infections later develop symptoms such as joint pain, loss of taste or smell, fatigue, shortness of breath, and headaches. Some people experience chest pain or develop irregular heartbeats, enlarged hearts, and other heart damage that puts them at significant risk for SCD, Sudden Cardiac Death. Confirming that you had COVID-19 will help you get the care you’ll need quickly to avoid permanent damage.


Why is it so important that my child get tested?
If your child participates in sports or physical activities, it’s vital to know if they’ve had COVID-19. If we know your child had COVID-19, we can perform testing that will confirm the condition of their heart and take appropriate steps to avoid SCD.


We were very sick at the beginning of 2020. Should we get tested?
Yes. Many people may have had COVID-19 before March of 2020 and assumed it was the flu or a bad cold. Getting an antibody test may help you confirm you had it. However, researchers aren’t sure how long antibodies last, so you may test negative anyway.


Do antibodies mean we’re immune and can skip the vaccine?
Unfortunately no. Researchers aren’t sure if having COVID-19 actually makes people immune to getting it again and they’re not sure how long any potential immunity lasts. There are indications that having the antibody means adults will only need one dose of the vaccine instead of two, but that should be discussed for each individual with their physician.


Remember, vaccines are only approved for those 16 and over. Clinical trials with teens ages 12-16 are being conducted now, with hopes that a vaccine for younger children will be available by late 2021.


Can I donate blood if I have the antibodies?
Yes! Blood and plasma with antibodies are much needed! Research is ongoing about convalescent plasma and its healing impact on those with severe disease.


Does insurance cover the test?


How do I make an appointment?
Access your patient portal by clicking here. A nurse will perform a simple finger prick and you’ll have results in about 15 minutes.


I still have questions about COVID-19 antibody testing.
Call our office at 708-424-7600. We are always happy to help!

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