Introducing Dr. Nadya Dillon! Top Female Pediatrician for Teens

female pediatrician for teens

Dr. Hassan Alzein and all of us at Alzein Pediatrics are delighted to welcome Dr. Nadya Dillon, a top female pediatrician for teens! 

Dr. Dillon completed her pediatric residency and earned her Doctor of Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Society from Cornell University. She is board eligible. Dr. Dillon has presented on asthma, respiratory illness, and trauma in children and also on migraines, Vitamin D, and hearing loss. She has also been involved in research on a variety of subjects.

“My favorite thing about children is their authenticity and unique capacity to grow. I love to mirror these same characteristics in optimizing my health care for children and working alongside their parents to educate and address real concerns about their health,” Dr. Dillon says. “I enjoy caring for and connecting with the youth and their families and making a positive impact in the communities I serve.”

Dr. Dillon has practiced medicine globally, including in Latin America, the Caribbean, and both urban and suburban areas of the United States, bringing a richness of experience to our families. “Healthy people are needed to become future leaders locally and abroad in the current global climate. Cultural awareness allows for a more collaborative relationship between physicians and the communities they serve.”

With her deep devotion to medicine and to social responsibility, our families with adolescent and teen children will especially find Dr. Dillon a valuable resource. “As they grow older, children begin to gain insight in who they are and to understand how to care for their bodies,” she says. “Adolescence is a unique time where children start to gain more self-awareness. I like to partner with parents in helping educate young people and equip them to start making healthy choices whether they are healthy or ill.”

Dr. Dillon is committed to listening and understanding the needs and concerns of her teenage patients and their families before she applies any clinical skills. She is friendly and approachable while delivering leading-edge, evidence-based patient care. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Christian Medical and Dental Association. 

Dr. Dillon and her husband love the performing arts, including music and dance. She also loves to make ice cream, so be sure to ask about her favorite flavor when you see her at our offices!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Nadya Dillon to Alzein Pediatrics! You can make an appointment at the evergreen park for your teen with Dr. Dillon by clicking here or calling 708-424-9600.

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