Is it just a cold – or allergies?

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ACHOO! The sniffles or allergies?

ACHOO!  When you hear your child sneezing and sniffling, especially at this time of year, you might think it’s just a cold. However, when that “cold” lasts more than two weeks, it’s time to consider allergies as the cause – and call Alzein Pediatrics for relief.Allergies are caused by allergens, typically harmless substances that can trigger the immune system to react as if these substances are dangerous to the body. Many common allergens are present all year long. These include:
•   dander from animals such as cats, dogs, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs and more•   fungi and mold, found in every household but too small to be seen
•   latex in rubber gloves, toys, and elastic in socks, underwear and clothing•   bacterial enzymes in cleaning products

•   certain foods

At this time of year, seasonal factors can really aggravate those who suffer. As trees bud and flowers blossom, pollen counts skyrocket, molds bloom and uncontrollable sneezing begins. Other allergy symptoms include:

•  runny nose or stuffiness

•  throat clearing

•  nose or eye rubbing

•  sniffling and snorting

The biggest indicator that your child is suffering from allergies and not a cold is itching or tingling sensations. Itching could be in the nose, mouth, eyes or throat, or as a rash on the skin.

While allergies cannot be cured, they can be controlled through environmental changes coupled with medical therapies. If your child is showing symptoms of allergies, call Alzein Pediatrics for an allergy screening appointment. We’ll discover what is triggering your child’s suffering and provide answers for relief.


We also recommend:

•  Use air conditioners in both your home and your car, reducing your child’s exposure to pollen

•  Keep your child away from freshly mowed grass, piles of leaves and other natural debris

•  Vacuum carpets and chair and couch cushions frequently

•  Encase padded objects, such as pillows, cushions, mattresses and box springs in allergen-proof covers

•  Wash bed linens and sheets weekly and blankets and other bedding every 2-3 weeks, in hot water and a mild detergent

•  Replace pillows every 2 years 

•  As painful as it can be, consider finding a new home for pets that cause your child problems. 

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