Join us for “Nutrition for the Young Athlete” on March 24th!

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When your child plays sports, their nutrition needs can be very different from the rest of the family, especially if they’re planning at an elite level. They may need more protein to help build muscle, and they may need more carbohydrates for higher energy levels. Your child may also be asking about supplements.

Mrs. Anna Velazquez, Registered Dietitian here at Alzein Pediatrics, is here to help. On Wednesday March 24th at 6:00 pm, Mrs. Anna will be conducting a Facebook Live about your sporty child’s nutrition needs.

We’ll coach you about healthy protein sources, good carbs versus poor carbs, how much fluid is enough – and how much is too much, and the importance of considering vitamins and minerals in your child’s diet.

Mrs. Anna will huddle with us about what’s needed for training and what’s needed for competition. She’ll detail what makes sense for aerobic sports like running and swimming and what’s needed for more muscle-focused sports like weight lifting and wrestling.

Supplements can be confusing and some labels are even misleading. Mrs. Anna will go over popular supplements, why your child might want to take them, and if they should. She can also give you suggestions about how to respond to coaches or managers who seem to be encouraging your child to take supplements you may not be comfortable with.

The Female Athlete Triad will get a special focus, as Mrs. Anna talks about this combination of disordered eating, amenorrhea (menstrual cycle dysfunction) and osteoporosis. You’ll learn how to help your daughter avoid this, and what symptoms should throw up a red flag for you.

Tune into our Facebook page on March 24th at 6:00 pm to hear Mrs. Anna, ask questions and get reliable, evidence-based answers. Together, we’ll form a strong team to help build your child’s health and wellness for success both on and off the field.

Have questions about this event? Email Mrs. Anna at She will be happy to help – and to see you on March 24th!

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