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Alzein Pediatrics Pinkeye


When your child wakes up in the morning with swollen, red and gunky eyes, it can be pretty scary. After all, your child’s vision is extremely precious.

However, conjunctivitis or pinkeye is common and, with proper treatment, will not cause any long-term damage to eyes or vision. Calling Alzein Pediatrics for an urgent appointment is vital to getting proper treatment quickly.

What causes pinkeye?

Pinkeye isn’t caused by just one factor. Your child’s pinkeye can be caused by the same viruses that causes colds, ear infections and sore throats. Allergic reactions can bring on pinkeye, as well as substances in your child’s environment, such as soap, cigarette smoke, or other irritants.

How do I know it’s really pinkeye?

Your child may have any of these symptoms, so it’s best to call us immediately so we can diagnose and treat promptly.

  • feeling of sand or gritty irritants in the eye, itching
  • redness of the eye and inner eyelid
  • discharge that gums eyelids together, especially when your child wakes, or excessive tearing.
  • swelling
  • sensitivity to light

Is it contagious?

When caused by bacteria and viruses, pinkeye is highly contagious. Keep your child out of school and all activities until you are seen by Alzein Pediatrics.

How do I control the spread of the infection in my home?

Do not let your child share bedding, washclothes, towels, tissues, or eye drops. Your whole family should wash hands frequently with soap and warm water. Wash bedding, washcloths and towels daily.  Products such as Lysol wipes and Lysol spray should be used on all surfaces your child may come in contact with until the infection is completely cleared.

How is pinkeye treated?

Alzein Pediatrics may prescribe an antibiotic ointment or eyedrops. Cool compresses and acetaminophen (as in Tylenol) or ibuprofen (as in Motrin) can help ease the discomfort.

So I really should call for an appointment?

Yes! Very serious, vision-damaging conditions can look like pinkeye, and pinkeye infections can spread like wildfire through your home and your child’s daycare or school if left untreated. It is vital that you call us for an urgent appointment immediately.

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