Alzein Pediatric Group is the only Chicagoland pediatric practice currently offering the SLIT allergy treatment, a no-injection therapy which creates a life-long immunity to environmental allergens.

Your Alzein medical professional will perform a blood test or a grid test, applying a variety of allergens through painless tines on your child’s back. We’ll look for a “wheal” and a “flare” at the site of each application to help us determine what your child is particularly sensitive to. Results will be sent to AllerVision, who will formulate a tasteless serum specifically for your child’s particular allergens. Your doctor will thoroughly train you and any other adult responsible for your child’s health on administering the drops. AllerVision will ship the drops directly to you and you’ll give your child the prescribed dose once a day for several years. These drops will help your child build an immunity to the allergens in the serum.

Each year, we’ll check your child’s reactions and record your observations of any necessary medication interventions. When your child is finished with the drop therapy, they should have a lifetime immunity to those allergens.

When your child suffers from environmental allergies and avoidance and over-the-counter medications are not sufficient to control symptoms, call our office at 708-424-7600 to make an appointment to discuss AllerVision’s sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT.

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