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Welcome to Alzein Pediatrics - Serving Children in the Chicago Area

At Alzein Pediatrics, we consider it both a great joy and a remarkable responsibility to care for your children. Our doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and professional staff have a true calling to maintain and improve the physical health and overall wellbeing of your children, and understand that it is a privilege to serve your family.
You and your children will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect…

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    Fifth Disease sounds like a big deal. Is it?

    The name “Fifth Disease” can make a parent pause and worry. “Does this mean my child has already had four other diseases that I overlooked? Is the fifth disease better or worse than the first one? Is there…

    Alzein Pediatrics On the Leading Edge of Pain Management & Comfort Care For Patients

    When today’s parents bring their babies and children into the pediatrician’s office, many times they are also bringing their own apprehension and foreboding along with that diaper bag. Their own parents probably did the same, flooded with memories…

    Reading To Your Children, Even After They Know How To Read

    Ask any person who works with children and they will tell you that it’s quite obvious which kids have been read to on a daily basis. Children who are read to each day have more expansive vocabularies, stronger…

    CPR Classes in September!

    “Stayin’ Alive” isn’t just one of the greatest disco songs ever; it’s also a fabulous way to actually keep people alive. Unfortunately, only half of the American adults understand why this Bee Gee’s hit can be lifesaving. Now,…