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At Alzein Pediatrics, we consider it both a great joy and a remarkable responsibility to care for your children. Our doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and professional staff have a true calling to maintain and improve the physical health and overall wellbeing of your children, and understand that it is a privilege to serve your family.
You and your children will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect…

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Yes, it IS time for a check up!

Your child’s health is one of your greatest concerns and making sure your child is developing well both physically and mentally is Alzein Pediatric’s mission. While we understand that the healthcare focus of our entire world has pivoted…

New Covid-19 Complications In Children: What they are and what parents should watch for

Just a few weeks ago, coronavirus or Covid-19 was thought to be a threat mostly to the elderly and those with chronic healthcare issues. We worried that children were unknowing carriers but unlikely to develop symptoms of Covid-19.…

Cereal, Bananas and Peas! Getting started with solid foods

Is Grandma right about Baby sleeping better with cereal? Starting solid foods is an important step in your infant’s life. You want to get the timing right - after your child has developed the oral coordination to avoid…

Is this the perfect time to potty train your toddler?

Just a generation or two ago, potty training was very nearly a competitive sport, with mothers - and grandmothers - taking pride in how soon a child could use the toilet. While most of this “get em outta…