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Welcome to Alzein Pediatrics - Serving Children in the Chicago Area

At Alzein Pediatrics, we consider it both a great joy and a remarkable responsibility to care for your children. Our doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and professional staff have a true calling to maintain and improve the physical health and overall wellbeing of your children, and understand that it is a privilege to serve your family.
You and your children will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect…

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    CPR Classes in September!

    “Stayin’ Alive” isn’t just one of the greatest disco songs ever; it’s also a fabulous way to actually keep people alive. Unfortunately, only half of American adults understand why this Bee Gee’s hit can be lifesaving. Now, Alzein…

    Praising Children: How and How much

    Everyone – at any age – loves to hear someone tell them they’ve done a good job on an assignment, the new haircut is flattering or the meal cooked is just delicious. Our children love to hear praise…

    Why is My Baby’s Belly Button Bulging?

    It. Can. Freak. A. Parent. Out. When Baby cries or coughs, the belly button, or umbilicus, can protrude in a lump or cone shape and then recede when Baby is calm. What is the reason for this? The…

    Come to our Snow Cone Social on August 10th!

    Come enjoy a Snow Cone and celebrate our WIN as the Best Pediatrician in Chicago's Southland!