On-Call Pediatricians in Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park provide health visits from the comfort of your home – or almost anywhere

Access the quality on-call pediatric healthcare in Evergreen Park and Oak Lawn you know and trust, provided by your very own Alzein Pediatrics healthcare professionals, from your home or virtually anywhere – conveniently, safely, and securely.

What is Alzein Pediatrics telemedicine? Talk to your Oak Lawn or Evergreen Park Pediatrician over the phone from your convenient location, from just about anywhere.

Telemedicine visits use your smartphone, tablet or computer to connect with your very own health care providers. We will ask questions, evaluate, diagnose and treat your child.

Alzein Pediatrics telemedicine ensures you’ll be seeing your child’s own familiar and trusted health care providers, the people who know your child and have immediate access to their medical records using your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s perfect whether you’re home or out of town.

Want to set up a Telemedicine visit? Just call 708-424-7600.

Telemedicine Visits are Convenient! Talk to a Pediatrician Over the Phone Quick.

Schedule visits for:

  • ADHD follow up
  • anxiety & behavioral concerns
  • low-grade fever
  • rash and skin condition
  • pink eye, conjunctivitis
  • digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhea or constipation
  • follow up visits for labs, after a sick visit or hospitalization
  • allergies
  • potty training
  • sleep problems
  • developmental issues
  • nutrition questions

Get ready for your pediatric telemedicine visit in the Chicago area.

To make your visit go as smoothly as possible, right before your visit, please:

  • weigh your child
  • check your child’s temperature
  • count the number of breaths your child is taking per minute
  • have a record of all your child’s current medications
  • write down any symptoms, including how long your child has been experiencing them and if they are improving or getting worse
  • note whether those symptoms are interfering with their regular activities, such as sleeping, eating and drinking, playing, and general mood
  • note any questions you might have
  • have a flashlight available in case we need to see into your child’s throat
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