No matter what time of year, your child can experience an asthma event. Your child’s lungs can become irritated and airways can swell from a variety of triggers:

  • pollen
  • pollution and high ozone
  • exercise
  • pet dander
  • indoor and outdoor molds
  • dust mites
  • cigarette smoke
  • cold, dry winter air
  • perfumes and colognes

If your child wheezes, coughs or has shortness of breath, call our office for an asthma evaluation. If she feels like she can’t breathe, call our urgent care or get to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Your Alzein medical professional can discuss quick-relief inhalers, breathing treatments and preventative therapies and medications to keep your child – and you – breathing easier all year long.

Learn more about asthma in the winter by clicking here.

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