When your child begins to go through puberty, they may have questions about their developing bodies that you are just not comfortable discussing – or you may not know the answers. We’re here for you! Your Alzein Pediatric medical professional can see your pre-teen or teen privately, as you step out of the room. We can discuss hormonal changes, emotional swings, the onset of menses, normal penis development, and needed changes in personal hygiene. We will answer your child’s questions honestly, backed by evidence-based science in a frank and open conversation.

If your young adult is considering becoming sexually active (remember, we do see your child until age 26), we want to ensure that they do so safely, when they are emotionally and physically ready, without risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies or coercion or abuse. Your young adult can make their own appointment to discuss proper birth control, disease prevention, healthy sexual activity and the emotional impact of their decisions.

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