Alzein Pediatrics Awarded Highest Level of Patient-Centered Care By NCQA

highest level of patient-centered care.

Alzeinpeds Patient-Centered Care Home award

Highest Level of Patient-Centered Care in Chicago

Dr. Hassan Alzein and the entire staff of Alzein Pediatrics is proud to announce that the practice has received a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NQCA), the highest level of patient-centered care.

“We are honored by this designation,” said Dr. Alzein. “The medical professionals here, Dr. Katherine Riff, Dr. Joanne Sundermeier, Kathleen Molloy, PA-C, Stephanie Cermak PA-C and myself have always been committed to our patients, from the smallest newborns to our teenagers who have been with us their entire lives. Our professional staff, including Charlene Synoga, Marie Armstrong and Kimber Nosalski, are also devoted to our patients and our practice. We are very grateful for this certification.”

What is the National Committee for Quality Assurance?

NCQA is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 with the goal of improving the quality of health care. An NCQA seal is evidence that the practice has passed a rigorous and thorough review, including management techniques, high quality health care and outstanding customer service.

“NCQA’s formula is Measure. Analyze. Improve. Repeat. We have very much the same philosophy here,” said Dr. Alzein. “We are always looking for ways to make our patient’s experience better. We are constantly working towards shorter wait times, longer patient visits, more streamlined financial procedures, and of course, always improving our care with compassion and attention.”

Accreditation by the NCQA requires meeting more than 60 demanding standards in over 40 areas. Meeting a Level 3 Accreditation means that Alzein Pediatrics has made a strong and significant commitment to improving health care techniques while lowering costs, resulting in healthier and more satisfied patients. As a PCMH, Alzein Pediatrics patients have been shown to receive better care when they need it and have fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Alzein Pediatrics medical and office professionals are also shown to be happier, and communicate that positive attitude to their patients.

“Working together as a team, putting our patients first and understanding the importance of the care we provide has resulted in our Level 3 PCMH designation,” said Dr. Alzein. “I am very thankful to our doctors, our physician assistants, our staff and to the NCQA for recognizing the Alzein Pediatrics. We have always worked to make our patients the center of our practice, and we are thankful that the NCQA has agreed that we do.”

Receive the Highest Level of Patient-Centered Care in Chicago

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