The face of vaping young man

Is Your Child Vaping?

At first, it sounded like a very good idea; a smokeless cigarette that could help adult smokers wean themselves from deadly nicotine and combustible carcinogens. Then, imitating Joe Camel of years past, five major e-cigarette manufacturers quickly figured out a…
Happy Labor Day Typography Over Wood

Offices Closed For Labor Day

Both of our offices will be closed on Sunday September 2 and Monday September 3 to celebrate the Labor Day holiday. If your family has an urgent issue, please call our office at 708-424-7600 or click here and the on-call…
Teenage Boy And Doctor Have Consultation at Alzein Pediatrics

What *will* you say?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the commercials and advertising with adults describing their cancer developed from human papillomavirus, or HPV. It shows images of these adults getting younger and younger and ends with a question to their parents, “Why didn’t you let…
Colorful Little Feet

A Summer Fashion That’s a Real Flop

[caption id="attachment_684" align="alignright" width="300"] "Bump toe" sandals, like the pink ones on the right, are a healthier, safer choice for your child's growing feet.[/caption] One of the best things about summer is the wardrobe change. No more need to pull…
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