Introducing Kim Reule, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, and New Baby and Lactation Support!

Kim reule

Kim ReuleWhether you’re having your first child or your fifth, everything turns upside down when Baby is born. Parents have so many questions – at every moment of the day – for the first few months; about Baby’s umbilical cord, eating habits, diaper-filling, sleeping and waking, vision, hearing and general development. Add breast feeding challenges to that list and your newly expanded family really needs help. 

Alzein Pediatrics is very excited to now provide our new Baby Basics, pre-natal classes, new baby support, and breastfeeding and lactation support!

To make this a resounding success, we welcome Kim Reule, certified Family Nurse Practitioner and certified Lactation Counselor!

Our medical professionals will help our families by providing a special focus on the care of your newborn. At our Baby Basics Pre-Natal Classes, your family will learn the proper way to bathe, diaper, feed and care for your baby to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to take care of your newborn when the Big Day arrives. We’ll talk about what to expect in the hospital and explain what you’ll need to know to provide excellent care for Baby at home. You’ll also get a tour of our offices and meet our staff. 

As Alzein Pediatrics’ certified Lactation Counselor, Kim will help new moms with the breastfeeding experience. Take a Baby Basics Breastfeeding Class, so you’ll know what to expect while breastfeeding, understand the challenges you and Baby may face, and discover methods to make breastfeeding as comfortable and beneficial as possible – for both of you. We want to help you make breastfeeding a success! 

After Baby is born, Kim and Alzein professionals are here to help Baby grow with Baby Basics New Baby Support! We are just a phone call away to answer questions and help you solve problems. We will help you determine what behavior, eating and sleeping patterns are “normal” and what merits an urgent appointment in our offices. 

We know breastfeeding is not always simple; it’s often confusing, frustrating and painful. Now you have Kim and Baby Basics Breastfeeding Support when you and Baby need help with latching on or staying latched, proper positioning for optimum comfort and feeding, painful nursing from sore or cracked nipples, breast engorgement, blocked milk ducts, mastitis or abscess, thrush and low milk production.

Kim, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, brings a wealth of experience and information to our new parents, gained in her long and dedicated history in healthcare. Even as a child, she wanted to be a nurse, working with children. When she was just in her teens, she worked as a candy striper for Advocate Christ Hospital, and was always particularly excited to deliver flowers to the children in the hospital. While attending Saint Xavier University, she worked at Little Company of Mary Hospital (LCMH) as a CNA on the pediatric floor and in ER. 

She completed a 6-week leadership clinical rotation at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital and upon graduation, began working in the Special Care Nursery at LCMH. She has extensive experience and a keen interest in working with mothers and babies, which makes her the perfect fit for our ABC – Alzein Baby Care program. 

All of us at Alzein Pediatrics are ready and focused to answer your new baby questions and Kim’s special knowledge of newborns and her breastfeeding education gives our families a knowledgeable resource right in our office. We are so delighted to welcome Kim Reule into the Alzein Pediatrics family!

Want to get involved in any part of Baby Basics? Call our offices at 708-424-7600 or click here.  We will help you save a seat at classes and groups, answer your questions, understand your concerns and get you the help you need. 

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