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Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

  As parents, we often wish we could keep our children in a bubble, completely protected from outside forces that could cause them harm. While a safety bubble just isn’t possible, we also know that you can take positive steps…
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Is my child having a stroke?

It can be a parent’s most terrifying moment - when your child suddenly exhibits symptoms that are intense, difficult to understand and uncommon. Diagnosis can be challenging, treatment not widely known and gathering information nearly impossible. If you are on…
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Where did this ATTITUDE come from?

Lately, there are elements of your child’s behavior that you just don’t understand. They may have come on suddenly, or the perplexities may have been creeping in for awhile. While your son scores brilliantly on standardized tests, he doesn’t earn…
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A flu shot already?!

It’s sunny, hot and muggy  - the perfect time to make an appointment for your child’s flu shot! Protecting your child from influenza can help in so many ways, from as simple as not missing school days to as serious…
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Ouch! Why does my child have ear pain?

  When your child has a painful earache, you just want it fixed. You may be much less concerned about what actually caused it. However, learning the difference between a “typical” ear infection, acute otitis media, and swimmer’s ear, otitis…
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