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Let’s Hear It For Dad!

We celebrate dads every day at Alzein Pediatrics, but today especially we want to praise them for the positive effects they have on their children. Being an involved, compassionate dad benefits your children in ways no one else can provide.…
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YUCK! What is that rash?

It’s (finally) summer, which means your kids are outside and their skin is getting a workout! For little ones, it seems like summer doesn’t officially begin until their knees get scraped on the sidewalk. Older kids get covered in scratches…
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What keeps your child healthy?

For the first three years of your child’s life, we at Alzein Pediatrics check health, development and growth every few months, keeping you informed of progress and attending to any concerns promptly. After age 3, you may think the only…
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Let’s Play Ball – Safely!

Baseball, softball, and lacrosse have kicked off their seasons and we can practically hear our parents cheering from the stands! While these sports are generally safer for children’s growing bodies than football, we do hear of uncommon cases of commotio…
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ACHOO! Does your child have allergies?

  This spring could be the worst season in years for allergy sufferers. Alzein Pediatrics doesn’t want your child to be among those whose enjoyment of the sunny weather is cut short by unbearable symptoms, so we’re providing information to…
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Oh me, oh my, it’s MUMPS!

    There are mumps in Indiana - and evidence shows they are spreading! The mumps cases that initially seemed contained to students at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN have now spread to the greater area - and it also…
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