School and Sports Physicals Already? YES!

School and sports physicals

Alzein School Sport Physical

School and Sports Physicals in Chicago

School may not even be out for summer, but we here at Alzein Pediatrics are already thinking about back to school and back to sports – and about how we can make sure your child can participate!

When your child is a student at any school in Illinois, they are required by law to have a health examination before kindergarten, before sixth grade and before ninth grade or beginning freshman year in high school. Student athletes are required to have a sports physical annually. The two exams are not interchangeable, but can be completed in the same appointment.

What Happens at a School and Sports Physical?

At your child’s school physical, we will:

• check vaccination status and update vaccinations as necessary

• perform a urinalysis

• check individual and family history

• measure height and weight

• check vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate

• check heart, lungs and abdomen

• check ears, nose, throat and eyesight

• address age-appropriate concerns, such as puberty

• may screen for tuberculosis

• may screen for depression

Additional Tests Done at School and Sports Physicals in Chicago

If you live in Chicago or in a high-risk zip code, we are required by law to perform a lead poisoning blood test.

Before your child’s school physical visit, click here and download the State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination form. Please complete just the very top section (name and contact information) and bring both pages to your appointment.

We can also perform a base line concussion test. This can be vitally important when your child plays any sport where contact or a collision can occur. When your child has an incident that puts him or her at risk for concussion, tests done then can be compared to our base line test. This will help with proper diagnosis and recovery time recommendations.

Before your child’s sports physical visit, click here and download the IHSA and IESA Pre-participation Examination form. Please complete the first page and bring both pages to your appointment.

Schedule Your School and Sports Physicals Today

Yes, we know that children are looking forward to vacation and parents are eager for a less hectic schedule, but we also know that summer goes by in a blink. Let’s make sure your child’s health is checked and forms completed properly, so any issues can be resolved now, with no last-minute rush or delay in practice participation.

Our schedule fills quickly for sports and school physicals, so we urge you to call 708-424-7600 today or click here to make your child’s appointment.

When you have any questions about sports, school or annual physicals, call Alzein Pediatrics. We are your partner in your child’s health, from cradle to college!

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