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What Are You Resolving This Year?

The new year begins on Friday and we’re sure you’re already considering resolutions to make your life happier and healthier. As your dedicated pediatrician, always looking out for the health of your children, Alzein Pediatrics are recommending a few resolutions…
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Stop cosleeping and start room sharing!

Snuggling your newborn through the night sounds ideal. Breastfeeding will be easier and you’ll get more sleep. In reality, bed-sharing or cosleeping as its also called, can be deadly for your child.  Alzein Pediatrics explains why cosleeping with your child,…
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Pinkeye? Make an urgent appointment!

  When your child wakes up in the morning with swollen, red and gunky eyes, it can be pretty scary. After all, your child’s vision is extremely precious. However, conjunctivitis or pinkeye is common and, with proper treatment, will not…
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What belongs in your child’s crib?

  Crib safety is important to your child’s health and to us! Have you seen the Xfinity commercial with the “security” knight waking up the baby by eating chips? Here at Alzein Pediatrics, it’s not the chips that upset us;…
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It’s time for the FLU SHOT!

Before Flu Season Begins, make sure you've protected your family, ages 6 months and up.     What is the flu? The flu (influenza) is a highly contagious respiratory illness that affects the nose, throat and lungs. It can range…
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