Do Hot Dogs Cause Childhood Cancer?

Do Hot Dogs Cause Childhood Cancer?

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Can Hot Dogs Give My Child Cancer in Chicago?

Do hot dogs cause childhood cancer? That is the question of the day. It is common for children to live off foods that are easy to prepare and get on the table before the next tantrum happens. And one of the foods that are often used by parents are hot dogs.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released the results of a comprehensive review of decades of research, concluding that processed meats such as sausage, hot dogs and cold cuts, and red meat raise the risk of cancer.

Do Hot Dogs Cause Childhood Cancer?

While very few adults eat several slices of bologna each and every day, here at Alzein Pediatrics, we do know many children who eat a hot dog every single day. Eating just one dog a day increases your child’s risk of colorectal cancer by about 18%.

Hot dogs have long been linked to an increased risk of childhood leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of the tissue-forming blood in the body. This can make it hard to treat and may cause a lot of chemotherapy and radiation for the child to go through. This can be a parents worst nightmare.

In addition, hot dogs are one of the most dangerous choking hazards in children. Many parents will serve hot dogs to small children, slicing them into smaller pieces that are meant to be easier to consume. But when little hands try to eat these, it can lead to a big choking hazards.

So, not only do hot dogs cause childhood cancer, it is also possible that you have to worry about your child choking if you give them hot dogs and do not pay close attention.

What Can I Serve My Child for Lunch Besides Hot Dogs?

As a parent, you’re probably tired of serving hot dogs too. They are inexpensive and easy to get on the table, making it a good choice for some of those picky children who do not want to eat the normal meal that you want to serve.

But now that you know that hot dogs do cause childhood cancer, you may be ready to throw out the hot dogs and pick out something that is healthier, without having to worry about all the extra time it could take to make.

So what are some fast, better meal choices?

• Purchase frozen, unbreaded chicken tenders (smaller versions of a boneless skinless chicken breast) and zap them in the microwave.

• Grill a cheddar cheese sandwich (not American cheese, which contains mostly oils and little actual milk) and serve it with pesto for dipping. Kids love cheese cubes with black olives too.

• Toss canned, drained tuna with bowtie pasta, sliced tomatoes and Italian dressing. Add sliced zucchini and carrots if you have the time.

All of these are quick to make and can help you serve a nutritious meal to your child, without having to worry about giving them the processed meats.

Need more ideas? Click here!

Now more than ever, it’s time to take hot dogs off the everyday menu and replace them with a variety of healthier, tastier quick options

Preventing Childhood Cancer for Your Children in Chicago

At Alzein Pediatrics, we want to be here for your family to help you take care of them every step of the way. If you are worried about do hot dogs cause childhood cancer and whether this is ruining your child’s health, then you need the right medical professionals there to help.

From the common cold to allergies, childhood cancer and other major conditions, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.

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