Anna Velazquez – Dietician Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park

Anna Velazquez, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Anna Velazquez earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Science from DePaul University in Chicago, and completed her Masters degree in Nutrition Science with Dietetic Supervised Practice at Dominican University in River Forest.

Anna grew up in Nowy Targ in Poland, and moved to Chicago at the age of 10. She and her husband Rigo live in the Chicago area and practice strength training together. Her interest in kids began by helping to care for younger brothers and was strengthened by years of babysitting for Chicago families, enjoying watching her charges grow and develop. As a pediatric nutritionist, Anna has married her love of kids with the science of helping them achieve the best possible health outcomes through nutrition and physical activity.

As a metabolic dietitian, Anna has provided medical nutrition therapy and life-saving dietary intervention to children born with genetic metabolic conditions. She has a keen interest in digestion, metabolism, chronic disease prevention, and exercise science. She is also committed to helping families improve and maintain healthy eating habits.

When your family meets with Anna, you’ll receive nutrition services for:

  • Children experiencing under or overnutrition
  • Questions about transitioning babies to solid food
  • Ways to expand the diets of picky eaters
  • Food allergies and food intolerances
  • Metabolic abnormalities
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Meal planning, recipes and preparation for your family’s custom needs

Anna is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in Illinois. Not surprisingly, she loves cooking and baking for family and friends. “Seeing others smile because of new creations is pure joy for me.”

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