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Your child’s health is one of your greatest concerns and making sure your child is developing well both physically and mentally is Alzein Pediatric’s mission.

While we understand that the healthcare focus of our entire world has pivoted to Covid-19, we also know that all the other healthcare needs – from the top of your child’s head to the bottom of their toes – that existed before this pandemic still continue. Kids of all ages still need wellness checks, non-Covid-19 illness appointments and vaccinations as scheduled.

You may be thinking, “If my child doesn’t need vaccinations, why should we come in?” Well, for all the same reasons you did before!

When we examine and screen your child, at any age, we can identify the first signs of health and developmental challenges. When promptly and properly treated, we’ll eliminate or minimize those challenges as much as possible as your child grows.

For your infant, toddler or preschooler, your Alzein medical professional will check:
• Skeletal development including head shape, spine, hips and foot alignment
• Muscle development including strength and coordination
• Heart and lung function
• Stomach, bowels and urinary tract function
• Ear infections
• Vision and hearing
• Tooth development
• Lead exposure and screening

We’ll also answer all your questions about potty training, sleep patterns, nutrition, and behavioral issues.

Be sure your child’s vaccinations are up to date. Since mid-March, vaccination rates have declined by close to 50% in children under the age of 2 and much more alarmingly, by over 75% in children over the age of two. In 2019, declining vaccination rates were responsible for 1,282 cases of life-threatening measles in the United States. Vaccinating your child and boosting their immune system against preventable diseases, up to age 26, is especially important as we face the growing pandemic and the complications that continue to evolve.

Children in elementary school and middle school also have special health needs. Your Alzein professional will check and control when necessary:
• Asthma and allergies
• Exercise, weight management and obesity
• Nutrition and cholesterol
• Skin care and sunscreen use
• Dental hygiene
• Personal safety including helmet and booster seat use
• Anxiety, ADHD and social behaviors

We’re also here to discuss sleep issues, screen time, academic challenges, puberty and more, all while keeping an eye on overall physical and emotional development.

School and sports participation may still be up in the air for this fall, but getting your child in for a physical now is a great idea. When you take care of this task early, you’ll be able to get an appointment at your convenience. Ask for a concussion prescreening to ensure your child does not return to activity before the brain is completely healed if a concussion does occur.

For teens and young adults, a visit to Alzein Pediatrics can take on a whole new vibe. We can address:
• Acne, moles and skin care management
• High blood pressure and cholesterol screening
• Diabetes
• Personal hygiene
• Constipation
• Obesity, nutrition and weight loss

When your child has grown up trusting our care, they may request time to speak with us in private to discuss subjects that parents may not be entirely comfortable with. These topics can include:
• Menstrual problems or questions
• Puberty
• Depression or anxiety
• Personal safety and consent
• Birth control
• Sexually transmitted diseases

There are dozens of reasons your child needs their well visit! We are following the strictest CDC-recommended protocols to keep your family safe from Covid-19. You’ll check in from your car in our parking lot and wait in the safety of your car until your exam room has been thoroughly sanitized. When we notify you, you’ll come in to the office and go directly to your room.

Questions about wellness visits? Need to make an appointment? Click here or call 708-424-7600. We’ll be happy to help and look forward to seeing you soon!

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