Polio, COVID-19 and the flu

Polio, COVID-19 and the Flu

Polio, Covid-19, and the Flu in Chicago Polio, Covid-19, and the flu are all major conditions that can affect patients in the Chicago area. Finding a doctor who will work with you through any of these conditions and looking for…
One-Hour PCR testing

One-Hour PCR Testing at Urgent Care

Get accurate COVID-19 test results quickly! When your child has a cough, difficulty catching their breath, or congestion, you as a parent - and all of us here at Alzein Pediatrics - want an accurate diagnosis so proper and effective…

Concerned about your “COVID Baby”?

For a baby born anytime since 2019, infancy and toddlerhood have been anything but “normal”. Many of these babies were completely isolated as one or both parents worked from home. There have been little or no visits from grandparents, aunts,…
Pfizer vaccine in the chicago

Pfizer Vaccine in the Chicago

Pediatrician with the Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine in the Chicago Area Put your child on our vaccination list! Alzein Pediatrics is the first practice in the Chicagoland area that will be receiving the Pfizer vaccine and we want to be sure…
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