Mandatory Sports Physicals to Be Prepared for the Team

mandatory sports physicals

Sports Physicals in Chicago

If your child intends to try out for any sports team at her elementary, middle or high school, she’ll need a thorough  mandatory sports physicals to ensure she is fit to play. This exam is required by the state of Illinois and Alzein Pediatrics agrees – the health and safety of your child should always be the top priority.


Even if your child has an ongoing health challenge like asthma or diabetes, Alzein Pediatrics physicians will help manage therapies and medications so chronic health issues are not a barrier to full sports participation.

Make an appointment and fill out the forms.

First, make an appointment with us by calling 708-424-7600, about six weeks before your child is to begin practice. This gives us ample time to follow up on any issues. Then, click here to download the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Pre-participation Examination Form and print it. Fill out the first page and bring the entire form (2 pages total) to your child’s appointment.


What to expect at the mandatory sports physicals appointment?

If this is the first time that your child has played a sport, then the mandatory sports physicals can seem a bit scary and you may not know what to expect. Our professionals will be able to step in and provide you with a comprehensive experience that you are sure to enjoy. The mandatory sports physicals can seem very in-depth and long, but it is done to make sure your child is protected.

At the appointment, we’ll review your child’s and your family’s medical history and ask about any changes in his health and emotional development. We’ll perform a complete examination, noting height, weight, blood pressure measurements and temperature – checking eyes, ears, nose and throat. His heart, lungs and abdomen will be checked. We’ll access posture, flexibility, motor functions, neurological function and musculoskeletal function. We may ask for a urine sample. If your child is maturing physically, we will ask about her menstrual cycle.


Concussion Screening Chicago

We can also ensure your child’s continued healthy brain development. If your son or daughter plays a sport where contact is made to the head, like football, hockey, wrestling or soccer, we can perform a baseline neurological exam.

In the event of a collision or impact of any kind involving the head or neck, we can compare these test results to assess the extend of the injury and insure that your child’s brain has recovered completely before they return to practice or play. This may be mandatory for your child’s football program. 

Our doctors will be able to work with you to complete your mandatory sports physicals and ensure all the right components are done on it when you come in. It will sometimes depend on the exact type of sport that you would play during the year.


Facts about Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Student-Athletes.

About 6,000 children in the US experience cardiac arrest each year and, among student-athletes, more than half of these sudden deaths are due to underlying, previously undetected heart conditions. These can include conditions present at birth and heart rhythm disorders.

Because our Dr. Nida Yousef specializes in Pediatrics and Cardiology, she can give your child’s heart a thorough review before serious sports participation begins.


Just ask us!

Not only can our physicians give your child an “all clear”, they can help her avoid injury while practicing and playing during your mandatory sports physicals. They will give straightforward advice about exercises and stretches, vitamins and dietary supplements, and talk honestly to your student-athlete about the risks of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances.


Sports are a positive activity, for physical, mental and social health! Schedule your child’s mandatory sports physicals appointment today by calling Alzein Pediatrics at 708-424-7600.

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