child playing behind safety gates in front of stairs at home

Safety First – at any age!

When you were expecting your baby, you likely registered for electrical outlet covers and cabinet locks and then installed those safety devices as soon as your infant rolled over for the first time. Unfortunately, as children grow and move more…
Cute baby girl with a smile on her face, reaching out to take her first crawling step on a lush green lawn at an outdoor park, of mixed ethnic race.

On the Move!

From the time your infant rolls over for the first time to the time they take their first steps could be just a few months or over a year. While we here at Alzein Pediatrics know you are cheering every…
Father helping cheerful son wearing helmet for cycle. Excited little boy getting ready by wearing bike helmet to start cycling. Happy cute boy learn to ride a bike with his dad.

5 Things We Won’t Let Our Own Kids Do

When pediatricians make a recommendation or advise a lifestyle change, we do so because research and data show us that those recommendations make a difference in improving and maintaining our children’s health. The American Academy of Pediatrics has been making…
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