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Welcome back, Dr. Lee!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Jessica Lee back to the office after maternity leave, and in congratulating her family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl! You can make an appointment with Dr. Lee by clicking here. Welcome…
Don't fear the fever

Don’t Fear The Fever

Understanding Fevers  in Your Child in Chicago Fevers can worry parents, and the higher the temperature and the lower the age of the kids, the more parents worry. Is all this worry necessary? Very, very rarely, says Alzein Pediatrics and…
Polio, COVID-19 and the flu

Polio, COVID-19 and the Flu

Polio, Covid-19, and the Flu in Chicago Polio, Covid-19, and the flu are all major conditions that can affect patients in the Chicago area. Finding a doctor who will work with you through any of these conditions and looking for…
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