We Want To See The Baby! Setting Boundaries to Keep Your Newborn Safe

setting boundaries to keep your newborn safe

Newborn Boundaries in Chicago

Setting boundaries to keep your newborn safe can be a smart decision to avoid sickness and other problems. Of course, family and friends who call as you’re bringing your baby home from the hospital have the very best intentions. They just want to meet this new, incredible, tiny person and celebrate with you. You, however, may be concerned about all these visitors holding, snuggling and kissing your vulnerable little one.

Setting Boundaries to Keep Your Newborn Safe

Your family and friends will want to come over and see the newborn. They are excited that there is a new baby to hold and cuddle. But you may be wary of having too many people over, especially if they have been sick.

You are the one in charge and setting boundaries to keep your newborn safe can help alleviate fears and keep your child safe.

Alzein Pediatrics is here to help! Forward this article to all those who are waiting to meet your child and you’ll feel better about opening your door and setting boundaries to keep your newborn safe.

Dear Family and Friends: Thank you so much for your love and support as we welcome our new baby! We are so excited for you to meet. We know that you would like to come over as soon as possible, but we do have a few guidelines to make sure that our newborn can stay healthy and strong.

Our pediatrician has recommended guidelines for all our visitors to protect the health and well-being of our new little one!

Please call before stopping by. We may already be overwhelmed with well-wishers for the day, or we may just need to get some sleep. When you call us, we can set a time when we are all prepared for a good visit. This allows us to keep on the schedule we want to set with the baby and gives us time to put them in the cute outfits you would love to see.

Please wash your hands just before you touch or hold our baby. This is absolutely the best way to protect our little one from germs and illness. Even if you are completely healthy yourself, your hands may have picked up germs and bacteria from other surfaces.We will provide soap at our home, but please stick with this requirement too.

Please wait until you and your children are 100% healthy. Your runny nose or little bit of a fever may not be a big deal to you, but it could be to our baby. Even if you don’t sneeze or cough, there are germs in your breath and on your hands that could infect our little one, who does not a strong immune system yet.

Please don’t bring unvaccinated children and please make sure your own booster vaccines are up to date. Our child is extremely susceptible to many germs that can cause serious, life-threatening illnesses. Even if your child is not showing any symptoms, he could be carrying those viruses and bacteria and infect our child.

Please remember also that vaccines from your childhood years past can wear off over time. If you haven’t had a booster vaccine for whooping cough, diphtheria or tetanus in the last several years, please talk to your doctor about two weeks before you visit.

We thank you very much for understanding that we are making the health of our child our highest priority. We look forward to introducing you to Baby soon!

Keeping Your Newborn Safe in Chicago

Setting boundaries to keep your newborn safe can be hard when you want to invite people over to come and visit. But they will ensure your baby can’t get sick and have a bad illness at any time.

If you have questions about these guidelines, the physicians at Alzein Pediatrics would be happy to answer your concerns. You can contact them at 708-424-7600. 

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