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Signs of an attention deficit

Do you catch other people – or yourself – saying that about your child? Perhaps it’s not “bad behavior”. Perhaps there is a real, scientifically proven, neurological reason for your child’s inability to control his impulses and pay attention. Perhaps it’s really ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Alzein Pediatrics knows that such a diagnosis can be difficult and understands the challenges such a diagnosis presents for your child socially and educationally. That’s why we’re here to help.

Behaviors that could be a red flag.

If your child doesn’t follow directions, can’t finish tasks and is easily distracted, it could be an indication of ADHD. Other ADHD behaviors include:
• can’t pay attention and forgets regular daily activities
• has organizational problems and loses things
• moves constantly as if “driven by a motor”
• interrupts and cannot wait for her turn

Only accept a diagnosis from a medical doctor.

Your mother, your child’s teacher or even a neighbor may want to diagnose your child, but only a medical doctor can make an accurate, science- and fact-based decision. Many intellectually gifted children may exhibit many of the same signs as ADHD, such as daydreaming, spontaneity, being highly energetic and talking non-stop.

Your Alzein Pediatrics professional will take your child through a process for diagnosis; there is no one single test or screening. Only when your child has been through all the steps will a diagnosis be made.

We don’t really know what causes ADHD.

Researchers believe there are many factors that could cause ADHD. Lead exposure will affect your child’s brain development. Smoking, drinking and drug use, along with poor nutrition and certain infections during pregnancy impact your child’s brain development. There may be genetic factors, or chemical factors within your child’s own physiology. A brain injury or disorder may also be a factor.

There is some evidence to indicate that excessive screen time can rewire your child’s brain and cause behavioral problems.

We do know that sugary foods do not cause ADHD (They do cause childhood obesity, but that’s a story for another day). It’s not caused by poor parenting, failing schools, gluten, dairy or other foods.

Not every child with ADHD needs medication, but if your child does, that’s okay.

There is no cure for ADHD, but there are a variety of ways to manage symptoms while helping your child maintain his creativity and enthusiasm.
request an Individual Education Plan for your child, establishing structure and routine
ask us about behavior modification therapy and social skills training
consider counseling to help your child and your family
ask us about proven, FDA-approved stimulant and non-stimulant medications

Just like with any physical illness, your child may be healthier and happier when given appropriate, well-chosen medications.

Undiagnosed, untreated adult ADHD can seriously impact lives.

Adults with ADHD experience anxiety, problems with getting and keeping a job, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems and more. Helping your child now can save him from a lifetime of misery.


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