Charming mother showing images in a book to her cute little son

Read Me A Story!

Reading aloud to your child can create some of the most magical moments you’ll experience as a parent. Watching little faces light up with new ideas, seeing the joy that familiar characters bring, and having your little ones experience your…
Hands of pediatric nurse hold and using blood and glucose meter with sheet check touch on sick newborn baby blood and foots to checkup glucose in his blood at NICU wards.

Newborns Need Health Screenings Too!

Health screenings are the best way to keep ourselves healthy. Everything from regular blood pressure checks all the way to colonoscopies help our physicians evaluate, prevent, diagnose and treat conditions that impact our quality of life. Health screenings begin for…
masks at Alzein

Please continue to wear a mask!

While the CDC has updated national mask recommendations, and Governor Pritzker has reflected those changes here in Illinois, please note that these changes do not apply to healthcare settings. The CDC and the State of Illinois still require mask wearing…
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