Make Your Kids Remember The Food Pyramid

Make your kids remember the food pyramid

Remember growing up with the Food Pyramid? This USDA guide to eating had a wide base of bread, rice, and pasta, with a tiny tip of fats, oils, and sweets. As researchers’ knowledge of nutrition grew, and as the obesity rates in the United States soared, scientists realized that these guidelines were inherently flawed, as they recommended eating highly processed foods as the bulk of our diets.

Now, the USDA recommends “MyPlate”. This method emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods in four food groups. The goal of MyPlate is to educate Americans about eating healthier food in correctly sized portions to avoid obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancers, and more.

Here at Alzein Pediatrics, we know this sounds great, but we also know you have questions! What exactly are the food groups? What is a whole grain? Are tomatoes and avocados better in the vegetable category or the fruit category? Where does peanut butter fit? Can we still eat spaghetti?

We are here to help!

Nutrition Basics at Alzein Pediatrics Make Your Kids Remember the Food Pyramid

Join Mrs. Anna Velazquez, Registered Dietitian and licensed Nutritionist, on Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00 pm for a Facebook LIVE event, “Nutrition Basics.”

In just about 20 minutes, Mrs. Anna will take us through:

  • Definition of food groups
  • Which food falls into which group
  • What a balanced plate looks like
  • How to best pair foods for a delicious and balanced meal

You will be able to type your questions to Mrs. Anna as the event stream, and she will answer those questions at the end of the presentation.

“Nutrition Basics” is the perfect event to put your whole family on a path to healthier eating in 2021. Watch alone, or with your kids. Watching with your children will get them excited about menu planning and food preparation while increasing their understanding of the physical, emotional, and social benefits of good nutritional choices. Mrs. Anna incorporates diverse and exciting foods into her menus, with suggestions to honor cultural preferences and traditions.

Mrs. Anna offers in-person or telehealth appointments to assist your family with all kinds of nutrition services, including helping picky eaters, adapting for food allergies and intolerances, over or undernutrition, metabolic abnormalities, and more. Find out more about our Nutrition Services by clicking here. Make an appointment with Mrs. Anna by clicking here.

Make Your Kids Remember Food Pyramid By Alzein Pediatrics on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook now, and stream “Nutrition Basics” at 7:00 pm Wednesday, January 27th!

January 20, 2021 / Nutrition
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