COVID-19 Testing Centers and In-Office Testing for Alzein

COVID-19 testing centers and in-office testing for alzein

Alzein Pediatrics Testing Centers – Available in Chicagoland

The coronavirus is, most, unfortunately, continuing to surge throughout our globe and in Chicagoland itself. With an ever-increasing need for testing to ensure that infected adults and children begin quarantined immediately to protect those around them, Alzein Pediatrics offers Alzein COVID-19 Testing Centers, in addition to our in-office testing. 

Crestwood Alzein COVID Testing Center Offers COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination
14025 Kostner Avenue
At the Crestwood Civic Center
Crestwood, IL 60418

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Available at Worth Alzein COVID Testing Center

11027 S Depot Street
Worth, IL 60482

Our drive-through Alzein COVID Testing Centers offer the PCR test, also called the molecular test, which detects the virus with a polymerase chain reaction technique (PCR). The testing is done by swabbing your nasal cavity and your throat and is nearly 100% accurate.

Alzein COVID Testing Centers In Crestwood And Worth Are Open To All

Alzein COVID Testing Centers in Crestwood and Worth are open to both existing patients and to people of all ages who are not Alzein Pediatric patients. COVID testing has no cost; it is covered by insurance or the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services if you are uninsured.

The Centers are open Monday through Saturday, from 7 am to 7 pm., and testing is by appointment only. Tests are analyzed by Hematogenix.

Schedule your Alzein COVID Testing Center appointment in CRESTWOOD by clicking here.

Schedule your Alzein COVID Testing Center appointment in WORTH by clicking here.

Call our dedicated COVID-19 Testing Center Line at 630-670-1673 or visit Our Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn/95th Street, and Urgent Care locations with any questions!

In Order For Your Screening – Here’s How To Get In And Check-in

You will make your appointment and complete a symptom screening, complete a waiver and identification information, and any possible exposures. You’ll select an appointment date and time and then receive a confirmation number.

When you arrive on your scheduled day and time, please follow the signs to the Alzein COVID Testing Center area. Please do not leave your vehicle and please be sure everyone in your car is masked when our healthcare providers approach. The test will be quick – less than 2 minutes total after we check you in – and then you are on your way! Results are confidentially emailed to you by Hematogenix within 48 hours.

We also offer in-office COVID testing options for Alzein patients only. In the office, we may give your child a rapid test to start. When those results are negative, you can be assured your child is healthy. If the test is positive, we will recommend getting the PCR test to confirm the result. You can schedule a test for your Alzein patient child at our Urgent Care by clicking here or calling 708-429-7600.

January 25, 2021 / Covid-19
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