Lasting Allergy Relief without Injections is Possible!

Lasting allergy relief without injections

There may be snow flying through the air now, but in just weeks those flakes will be replaced by pollen, first from blooming trees and then from grasses, flowers and more. The air will explode with mites, molds, and dander. When your child suffers from environmental allergies, whether seasonal or all year long, Alzein Pediatrics is here to help with MRS SLIT treatments, providing lasting relief.

What are symptoms of allergies?

Ask your Alzein Pediatrics medical professional about possible allergies when your child:
• Sneezes often with no other signs of a cold, often interfering with healthy sleep
• Has a “perpetual cold” with sneezing and a runny nose, sometimes a cough
• Skin under and around the eyes is blue, purple, red or dark-colored
• Eyes are itchy, watery or red
• Trouble catching their breath, tightness in the chest, wheezing or coughing
• Skin rash

How can I help my child through this?

For children with mild allergies, Dr. Alzein recommends limiting your child’s exposure to possible allergens. Limit outside play. Keep your air conditioning running using high-efficiency filters and keep your windows closed. Consider a HEPA filter. Don’t get a cat or other animal, like most dogs, with fur. After outside play, wash all clothing including jackets and shoes and make sure your child takes a shower and washes their hair. When allergy symptoms are mild, you can make an appointment for recommendations on over-the-counter or prescription medications that can relieve symptoms.

I’ve tried all this and my child is still miserable. Help!

Alzein Pediatrics has the answer to relieve your child’s rhinoconjunctivitis, severe allergic reactions, and provide lasting immunity to environmental allergies! Make an appointment for MRS SLIT testing. MRS is formulated with FDA-approved antigens and is endorsed by the World Health Organization. This therapy has been used successfully overseas for decades, and Alzein Pediatrics is the only pediatrician in Chicagoland who offers it.

At your child’s SLIT appointment, we’ll perform a grid test, applying a variety of allergens painlessly to your child’s back. When a “wheal” appears, a raised, red and itchy bump surrounded by a “flare”, we can see which allergens your child is sensitive to – and how great that sensitivity is. We’ll send all the results to MRS, who will formulate custom serums for your child.

These serums are easily administered at home, with no need for expensive, frequent follow up visits. Tasteless drops that contain trace amounts of your child’s irritants are given orally. Children usually see relief within 2 months. Taking the drops for about three to five years will develop lasting immunity, relieving allergy symptoms for your child.

Your Alzein medical professional will see your child every year to repeat the grid test to insure that your child’s immune system is responding.

There’s time to make a HUGE difference in your child’s life for this coming season!

SLIT is an eligible expense for Health Savings Accounts and FlexSpending. When you make an appointment now, your child will really enjoy this spring and summer – and lasting allergy relief! Call us at 708-424-7600 or visit Our Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn/95th Street, and Urgent Care locations, or click here to make an appointment. We are here to help!

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