Your child is 2-1/2! That’s a milestone!

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While it might not be a birthday, 30 months old is HUGE for your child. So many important markers should now be met – or very close to it. Ensuring that your child is on track, or getting early intervention for things that are concerning, is an important part of your child’s 30-month well visit.

Your Alzein Pediatrics medical staff will exam your child’s physical health with a complete exam, listening to heart and lungs, examining ears, eyes and throat, bone, spine and posture development and alignment. We’ll check your child’s height and weight and also his BMI (body mass index), as obesity issues can start at this age. We’ll make sure immunizations are up-to-date.

We’ll check for developmental milestones and make recommendations if we see something that could be of concern. Things we’ll look for and ask about include:

  • jump in place
  • dress with some assistance
  • use “I”, “me” and “you” when speaking
  • match shapes and colors
  • throw a ball using an overhand motion
  • identify body parts
  • show an interest and beginning ability to play with other children

Your child should be showing an interest in potty training, such as sitting on a potty chair and watching parents or siblings use the toilet. Your child should have a dry diaper for hours at a time, be understanding the physical urge to “go” and telling you when his diaper is soiled and needs changing.

We’ll discuss sleeping habits. Toddlers need about 13 hours a day, and may still be taking an afternoon nap.

Diet and eating habits will be discussed, but we won’t be troubled if you relate that your child eats little to nothing on some days, or only eats yellow foods on other days. Your job as a parent is to provide healthy, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day; your child’s job is to determine for himself how much he actually needs to fuel his body at that time.

While you’re here, we’ll encourage to ask us about any struggles or questions you may be having at this time of your child’s life, whether it’s about physical issues, behavioral issues or developmental milestones. We are always here to support you!

30 months – 2-1/2 years old – is a big deal! When your child is near or just past that age, make an appointment with Alzein Pediatrics by calling 708-424-7600 or click to Book an Appointment. 

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