This flu season is already setting tragic records

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Has your child been vaccinated?

The US CDC has confirmed that, already, 27 children in the United States have died this flu season – and this record-setting number will only worsen as the season continues. 

The children that have passed away were otherwise healthy, with strong immune systems. Thousands of other children are now facing deadly pneumonia, hospitalization, the need for a life support machine to help their lungs and heart function, and possible surgeries to drain abscesses. The overwhelming majority of these children did not receive the flu vaccine. 

The flu season is not over – it has barely started. Nearly 6.4 million people have contracted the flu this season, well above average, and about 55,000 have been admitted to hospitals. 

Alzein Pediatrics is here to vaccinate your child, you and all your family against this deadly influenza. 

Call our office at 708-424-7600 or click here to make an appointment in our Evergreen Park or Oak Lawn offices. If you have an infant who has recently turned 6 months old and hasn’t been vaccinated, schedule it now. 

Please avoid using our Urgent Care for a walk-in flu shot. We are encouraging parents with sick children to bring them to Urgent Care to isolate them from healthy children visiting our regular offices. We want to ensure that your child is protected from infectious germs too!

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